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Newark Hidden Heritage is run by local historians, volunteers, enthusiasts, organisations. Working with  Newark and Sherwood district council,Trent and Peak Archaeology we are working together to unlock the key to ‘Newark Town Centre’s Hidden Heritage, the Underground Tunnels’ Mystery.


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Update and overview

 2014 saw Newark Town Centre Hidden Heritage group celebrate its 1st 
 birthday in the summer. This first year has seen the group grow from 
 strength to strength which owes to a strong dedicated group of volunteers. 
 They have carried out tunnel tours to members of the public and private 
 groups throughout the spring and summer, raising the groups profile and 
 reaching out to the community.
 Old and young have visited some of Newark's underground cellars with 
 interest in the town’s heritage from hearing tales of a secret network of 
 tunnels said to date back to when the town was under siege during the 
 civil wars.
 Who can forget the delight of small faces from local children at Easter, 
 when they attended our 'bunny in a tunnel' hunt. After finding the answers 
 on the bunnies about our local history they were enthralled to finally 
 meet our very own highway man 'Swift Nick' who surprised them all with 
 Easter eggs in his loot!

The group have also carried out surveys on several shop cellars and local 
 business owners scramble to be the first tunnel to be discovered by the 
 group. As with all things this is a work in progress however one of the 
 most lucrative finds was in the autumn when we surveyed the curtain mill. 
 Unfortunately this was quickly halted by breeze blocks covering the 
 entrance however; this shows the very possible idea of the oral histories 
 being fact......... As we begin 2015 we are as determined as ever unlock 
 Newark's hidden past and hope to make it our year and uncovering at least 
 one tunnel.

 We would like to thank Newark's community for their enthusiasm and 
continued support and wish you all a prosperous and happy 2015.


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Underground Tours


Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the streets of Newark?


The tunnel tours let you discover Newark Hidden Hertiage, our tour guides will take you on the tour giving you information on the Hidden Herritage that lies beneath the streets of Newark.


The tours are free admission, a donation can be made at the end of the tour.

Please contacted the tourist information to book your place on a tour.